What does Ding Dong mean in Vietnamese? (2023)

What does Ding Dong mean in Vietnamese?

noun. a noisy argument. lời lẽ gay gắt. (Translation of ding-dong from the PASSWORD English-Vietnamese Dictionary © 2015 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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What is Ding Dong slang for?

slang. a foolish, unintelligent, or eccentric person. adjective. 4. characterized by or resembling the sound of a bell.

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How do you use Ding Dong in a sentence?

We were startled by the ding-dong of the doorbell.

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What does Didi mean in Vietnamese?

Borrowed into English by American military personnel returning from the Vietnam War, as well as by Vietnamese immigrants; popularized by the movie The Deer Hunter. This is an uncommon way to say "Hurry up!" in Vietnamese. The verb đi (“to go”) can be expressed as a command: "Đi đi!

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How do you say swear words in Vietnamese?

Vietnamese Swear Words // Đụ má & Địt mẹ

The most popular and insulting swear word in Vietnamese is “Địt mẹ.” It has the same meaning and intensity as f*** in English.

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What is Vietnamese slang for no?

Khum. “Khum” is a cute affectation on the simple word “no” in Vietnamese, it is an adorable way to “say nay” or refuse something, among the Gen-Zers: “khum” is pronounced similarly to “không”, which means no in Vietnamese.

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What is another word for Ding Dong?

synonyms for ding-dong

On this page you'll find 22 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to ding-dong, such as: ass, blockhead, dolt, dummy, dunce, and half-wit.

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What does ding ho mean?

Just to note… 'Ding Ho' is CANTONESE for “the best” and not Mandarin.

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What does Ding Dong mean on glow up?

The show is judged by Global Senior Artist for MAC Dominic Skinner and legendary makeup artist Val Garland, who doles out excited cries of “ding dong” whenever a contestant achieves a truly incredible look. Why “ding dong”?

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What does it mean to ding somebody?

dinged; dinging; dings. transitive verb. informal. : to strike or knock against.

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What do you call a Vietnamese girlfriend?

Here are some other Vietnamese words that you can use to call your lover:
  • người yêu ⎯⎯⎯ lover.
  • bạn gái ⎯⎯⎯ girlfriend.
  • bạn trai ⎯⎯⎯ boyfriend.

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What is Vietnamese slang for girlfriend?

Vietnamese Slang #1 – Gấu (Girlfriend or Boyfriend)

In Vietnamese, “Gấu” literally means “bear”.

What does Ding Dong mean in Vietnamese? (2023)
What is offensive slang for Vietnamese?

Derogatory terms

Annamite or mites (French) – Originally generalised as a colonialist synonym for all Vietnamese.

What is the Vietnamese word for pee pee?

pee {verb}

đi tiểu {vb} [coll.] đi đái {vb} [coll.]

What does OMG mean in Vietnamese slang?

One of the most common expressions you'll here in Vietnam is Ối giời ơi, which has the same meaning as “Oh my god!” or “Oh Heavens!”

How do you say stinky in Viet?

stinky {adjective}

bốc mùi {adj.} hôi thối {adj.}

What is the meaning of dong in Vietnam?

VND is the abbreviation of Vietnam's national currency, the Vietnamese đồng. VND is managed by the State Bank of Vietnam through a crawling peg to the U.S. dollar. The word đồng is used in Vietnamese to describe any money or currency generically, and so the national currency must always specify Vietnamese đồng.

What does Dinky Dow mean in Vietnamese?

A note on the title: "Boocoo Dinky Dow" is how American GIs heard the French/Vietnamese phrase "beaucoup dien cai dau" for "very crazy."

What does the Vietnamese word Dinky Dow mean?

dinky dow", spelled correctly would be "beaucoup dien. cai dau" meaning much crazy in the head or perhaps. as the Vietnamese may have said, crazy as a kicking. rooster, much like the American expression, "mad as a. wet hen."

What is the Vietnamese greeting gesture?

Shake with both hands, and bow your head slightly as you shake. Bowing your head slightly is the preferred greeting by Vietnamese women and elders. Women typically do not shake hands with each other or with men. Vietnamese people typically avoid direct eye contact and may gaze downward when talking.


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