Are calls to 0345 numbers free on Lebara? (2023)

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Is 0344 free from Lebara?

If a call to a 0344 number is placed whilst still being within the free call allowance, then there will be no charge for the call.

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Are 0330 numbers free on Lebara?

The main advantage of a company using an 0330 number is the cost.
Cost to call 0330 numbers from mobile.
ProviderInside contracted landline minutes allowanceOutside contracted landline minutes allowance
Lebara MobileFree19p/m
7 more rows
14 Nov 2018

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Are Lebara calls free?

Call or SMS anyone else on Lebara in the UK for free! The more friends and family on Lebara, the more money you all save!

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Are 0800 numbers free from Lebara mobiles?

Calls to numbers beginning 0800 and 0808 are free from all landlines and mobiles. Yep, free! However, numbers such as 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 are more costly to ring, whether you're calling from a landline or mobile.

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Are 0345 numbers included in lebara minutes?

The cost of calling 0345 numbers – as well as all 03 numbers – is regulated by Ofcom.
How much does it cost to call 0345 numbers on mobile?
ProviderInside contracted landline minutes allowanceOutside contracted landline minutes allowance
Lebara MobileFree19p/m
7 more rows
11 May 2017

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Which country code is 0345?

Telephone numbers with the prefix 0345 are known as non-geographic numbers. This means the code does not denote a specific location, unlike traditional telephone area codes. As such, a company with an 0345 number, can be based almost anywhere within the UK.

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Is 0333 free from Lebara?

The United Kingdom is seeing the use of 0333 numbers rise.
Calling 0333 numbers from your mobile – call charges.
ProviderInside contracted landline minutes allowanceOutside contracted landline minutes allowance
Lebara MobileFree19p/m
Tesco MobileFree25p/m
7 more rows
17 Mar 2017

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Are 0800 numbers free on Lebara UK?

Calling 0800 numbers is always free of charge. No calling minutes will be deducted from your bundle or credit.

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Which network does lebara use?

Lebara uses the award-winning Vodafone network in the UK. Their 4G network covers more than 99% of the UK population and 96% of the UK's landmass. Our customers experience a fast, robust and reliable 5G network with average data speeds of over 20mbps.

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How can I check my free minutes on Lebara?

2. Dial *000# and press the call button for our USSD menu to display your basic Lebara balance with the option of browsing our menu to recharge or go into your settings.

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Is Lebara truly unlimited?

Lebara also allows tethering and its plans let you call abroad at no extra cost, plus you can get up to unlimited data, all plans now come with 5G, and there aren't any credit checks.

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Is Lebara unlimited data really unlimited?

No, Lebara doesn't cap or limit your speed, so if you have a 5G device on an unlimited data plan then you can use as much data as you want at maximum speeds.

Are calls to 0345 numbers free on Lebara? (2023)
Are 0345 No free on mobiles?

It costs the same as ringing a regular UK landline. And if you have any inclusive minutes in your phone package, either landline or mobile, you can use them to call 0345 numbers free of charge.

Are 0800 and 0345 numbers free?

If you're a consumer or small business customer, calls to 0800, 0808 and 116 numbers are free from your mobile and landline. Many organisations use 03 numbers such as 0300, 0344 or 0345 as an alternative to more expensive 084 and 087 numbers. Calls to 03 numbers will cost no more than a call to a 01 or 02 number.

What numbers are free from a mobile?

0800 and 0808 - freephone numbers

Calls to these numbers are always free from mobiles and landlines.

How much does it cost to call 0345?

For example, many public sector bodies have moved from 0845 numbers to 0345. Calls cost no more than calls to geographic numbers (01 or 02). Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 16p per minute. Many providers charge a 23p call set-up fee (or 'connection charge'), but this can vary.

What is free data in lebara?

Are you new to Lebara? Benefit now from our multi-data volume promotion and get double data volume with our bestseller Complete M and up to 6 GB of data extra free with all other tariffs. All tariffs are always valid for four weeks and include the additional free data volume.

How much will a 0333 number cost me?

A call to a 0333 number costs the same cost as a regular call to a landline or mobile home. All numbers begin with 03 being at the same speed as standard fixed network numbers starting with '01' or '02' loaded. If your fixed telephony offers include phone calls, calls to 0333 numbers will be included in the same way.

Are 0345 phone numbers free in UK?

Many people consider 0345 numbers to be 'free'. However, they are not free, but many people do not realise this because they do not get charged any extra for making the call to the 0345 number. They are not the same as '0800' or '0808' numbers therefore.

Who does lebara piggyback off?

Lebara Mobile coverage

Lebara enjoys excellent coverage, due to the fact that it piggybacks on Vodafone's network of masts. That means you get around 99% of coverage across the UK, although as ever it's worth using its coverage checker to ensure your area has decent 3G and 4G.

Who is lebara owned by?

RevenueEUR€ 400 million (2020)
OwnerAlchemy and Triton
Number of employees400 (2016)
ParentVIEO B.V.
8 more rows

Which is better Lyca or Lebara?

Lebara would be marginally better as it uses Vodafone network and anyone calling you wouldnt pay a fortune. Lyca is classed as a non standard network and would cost the would be caller an arm and a leg and is not included in any inclusive minutes.

Is Lebara signal as good as Vodafone?

Because Lebara Mobile uses Vodafone's network, its coverage is very good. In fact, around 99% of the country should, in theory, receive coverage wherever they are in the UK.

Is Lebara trustworthy?

Lebara review: Verdict

Lebara seems to have found a good balance between delivering cheap and reliable 4G and 5G connectivity. Reliability and customer service are also up to scratch, making this one of the top options for value, especially on its most cost-conscious 3GB and 15GB plans.

How do I activate Lebara unlimited data?

Unlimited data will apply. To opt in, text R6 to 38885.

How do I check my active package on Lebara?

You can also dial 5588 to listen to your plan and credit balance.

How long does Lebara data last?

With 4GB of data, you can browse the internet for around 48 hours, stream eight hundred songs online, or watch standard definition online video for eight hours.

How often do I have to top up with Lebara?

Lebara credit never expires. But you do have to call, send a text message, use data or top up once every 90 days, or else your services will be blocked. You then have 30 days to top up before your phone number is permanently deleted.

Does Lebara allow WIFI calling?

Wi-Fi Calling can be used in conjunction with all Lebara tariffs. Wi-Fi Calling can only be used in conjunction with Internet-enabled smartphones that support the Wi-Fi Calling feature. A list of all Wi-Fi Calling-capable smartphones can be found at

Is Lebara data capped?

If the plan you have chosen does not include unlimited data, we may cap your data allowance speed once your data allowance has been used up. The cap will be removed when your monthly plan renews or when you purchase additional data.

Can you use too much data on an unlimited plan?

Using too much data

Doing things on the internet uses up data. Activities such as watching movies or TV use a lot of data, and basic web pages that just have text and a few images use less. If you use more data than your plan allows, you might have to pay more, or your internet service might be slowed down.

Can you go over your unlimited data?

So, while your plan might be technically unlimited in the sense you can use as much data as you want, you're still effectively locked into a data cap because of the slower speeds your carrier might impose after you go over.

How do I activate MyLebara 5 pound plan?

You can buy our prepaid or data plans directly from our online shop using your payment card. Alternatively you can send a SMS with the keyword of your chosen plan to 5010. Make sure you have the required amount on your balance. You will receive a final SMS confirmation of your order.

How much does it cost to call with Lebara?

You no longer have to worry about the costs. Mobile and landline calls are available from 1ct/min.

Which countries are free on Lebara?

All Lebara plans include free EU and India roaming. You will be able to use your regular allowances at no additional cost.
You can roam for free within the following 40 European destinations:
  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Canary Islands.
  • Croatia.
  • Cyprus.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Denmark.
6 Aug 2022

Do Internet calls cost money?

Most VoIP services will include unlimited domestic calls for no extra charge. However, some cheaper VoIP services charge based on the number of minutes you use.

Are 0300 numbers free on Lebara?

Just like the 01, 02 numbers, the 0300 figure is eligible for free minutes.
Calling 0300 numbers from your mobile – call charges.
ProviderInside contracted landline minutes allowanceOutside contracted landline minutes allowance
Lebara MobileFree19p/m
7 more rows
1 Dec 2017

Is Lebara same as Lyca?

Lycamobile is a Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) as is Lebara. Both use KPN's network so there is no difference in the signal.

Is Lebara a good company?

Overall, Lebara Mobile's customer service rating is pretty average, with a 5.9 Trustpilot rating at the time of writing. While this isn't great, it's probably not enough to put you off using Lebara, and it will do the job just fine.

Does Lebara charge for picture messages?

Picture & video messaging is charged at 45p/message. Calls to Text relay service (18001 & 18002) are charged at 19p per minute. UK mobile calls include mobile numbers starting 071–075 and 077–079 (excluding Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man mobile numbers and special numbers starting with 07.

Who is Lebara Mobile owned by?

RevenueEUR€ 400 million (2020)
OwnerAlchemy and Triton
Number of employees400 (2016)
ParentVIEO B.V.
8 more rows

Is Lebara owned by Vodafone?

Lebara Mobile is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which has been around since 2001. MVNOs don't own or operate their own network infrastructure, instead, they use the infrastructure of one of the UK's main providers; in the case of Lebara, that's Vodafone.

Is EU roaming free on Lebara?

Lebara roaming charges in Europe

You are simply just using whatever data you have from your current plan when you are roaming around Europe.

Do I use data when on Wi-Fi?

A Wi-Fi connection lets you connect to the Internet without using any cellular data at all. While connected to Wi-Fi, you can also download videos, TV shows, or movies to your phone or SD card to watch anytime at your convenience, with no data required.

Does calling on Wi-Fi use minutes?

One of the biggest pros of using WiFi for phone calls is the fact that it won't affect your cellular data allowance at all. As long as you have an iPhone or Android phone — and your carrier and cell phone plan support WiFi calling — you're all set to make calls even when your cell signal strength is weak.

Is WiFi calling free?

Does WiFi calling cost money? Traditionally, phone calls made using a cellular connection come from your monthly allowance. The Wi-Fi calling feature is similar. Wi-Fi calls have no additional cost; it's taken from your monthly voice plan.

Are 0300 numbers included in free minutes?

The cost of calling 0300 numbers is the same as calling a standard landline number, be it from a landline or mobile.

Are 0345 numbers free three?

When making a call to business 0345 numbers it is included in contract minutes that are provided by Three mobile, essentially, all numbers starting with 03 are charged the same as number starting with 01 and 02.

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